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■ Research Projects


(as of March 2001)

Study and Studies

Studies on Antonovsky's Salutogenesis and Sense of Coherence (SOC)

Antonovsky's brilliant work on Salutogenesis and its core concept 'Sense of Coherence (SOC)', proposed in 1987, has been greatly influencing research in the field of health and stress, especially in Western societies. The objective of this project is to develop a Japanese version and apply Antonovsky's SOC scale in analyzing and combating health problems of Japan.

Study on People with Medically Infected HIV

Nearly 1,500 hemophilia patients were infected with HIV through blood products in the mid 1980's in Japan. They are suffering not only from health damage but also various types of stigma and discrimination. In this project, several research studies are being conducted in order to explore the problems they face in maintaining their health, and to suggest the needed social supports.

Study on Quality Of Life of People with Epilepsy

In Japan, people with epilepsy (PWE) remain under stigmatic conditions. The objective of this project is to explore the experiences of being epileptic and human relational and social influences on the quality of life (QOL) of PWE.

Studies on Social Differences and Inequalities in Health

This project is designed to explore evidence about socio-economic differences in health among the middle-aged in Japan, with some reference to U.S. and European countries. Another purpose of this project is to consider possible explanations for these differences and the implications for policy.

Studies on The Current Situation and Theories of Changing Professional-patient Relationship and Patient Autonomy

The professional-patient relationship in Japan has been faced with the necessity of transformation due to the rise of patient autonomy. The aim of this project is to examine the current situation of professional-patient relationship in Japan and to derive new theories. Empirical as well as theoretical studies have been conducted from various perspectives, including 1) physician-patient communication and interaction, 2) problems in decision-making process in medical encounter, 3) professional and patient / public attitude toward patient participation in medical process, and 4) the feature and problem of new professional-patient relationship.

Studies on The Effects of Changes in Industrial Society on "Ways of Working and Living" and Fatigue / Stress of Working People

Recently, Japanese industrial society has been subjected to the never-experienced structural changes, including economic recession, high unemployment rate, restructure, disestablishment of lifetime employment and seniority rewarding system, and rapid introduction of performance based evaluation. The aims of this project are to explore the effects of these changes on "ways of working and living" and fatigue / stress of working people, and to clarify the mechanism of the effects. Several survey studies and literature review have been undertaken.

Studies on Characteristics of the Physical and Psychological Distresses in Human Service Work

Human service work is spread over the many fields including medicine, nursing, caring, welfare, psychology, upbringing and education, and is on the increase today. The psychological and physical distresses of human service workers and their related factors are different from those of other works targeted to objects. Today, we are studying about nurses and caring stuffs who are working at the nursing homes for the elderly.


(as of March 2001)

Theory and Research Methodology on the Lives of Ill and Disabled People and Their Families

Professional-Patient Relationship and Communication