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■ Recent Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses


(FISCAL 1998-2002)

■ Master Theses


Keiko Seki: The correlation and effects of participative climet on workmotivation, cumulative fatigue, and depression among white-collor workers in Japan

Mieko Homma: Transition from Biographical Disruption toward Re-construction and the involvement of participationg in Self-Help Group among Fibromyalgia Patients

Tomoe Mashiko: Investigation of the work-ralated factors associated with Sense of Coherence, and their effects on health status of workers in Japanese information service industry


Chizu Hyodo: Demographic characteristics and productive engagement for Purpose-in-Life of older adults:the super-aging village and the suburban village

Park Mingjeong: One-year follow-up after a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program in Japan

Masayo Tsuruoka: Perspectivesw of self-management and physician-outpatient collaborative partnership for people with type 2 diabetes

Naoko Kumada: Related factors of Perceived Positive Change in long-term survival HIV-infected hemop hiliacs and their family members

Mami Kasahara: An Analysis of Medico-legal Autopsy Cases at the Department of Forensic Mecidine, the University of Tokyo: Present Situation and Issues

Yoko Setoyama: Participation of patients with breast cancer in online community and its support function: comparison to face-to-face support groups

Tomoko Takeuchi: A study of work-family conflict(WFC) among Japanese registered nurses: the correlates and effects on health outcomes



Nahoko Sato: The Experience and the Need of the Basic Life Support by Flight Attendants in the Aircraft Cabin - Questionnaire Study on an International Airline in Japan (In Japanese)

Miho Satoh: The Effects of Cooperative-model Preventive Care Programs Employing Local Personnel as Staff on Program Staff and Participants, and the Local Significance of Such Programs - A Study of Two Urban Districts in Japan - (In Japanese)

Akihiro Suzuki: The Prehistory of Diagnosis of Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer Among Construction Workers and the Ways in which Provision of Information should be (In Japanese)

Akemi Tomita: Difficulties Experienced, and Coping Strategies Employed by Nurses in Patient-Nurse Relationship (In Japanese)

Yumiko Kuno Hanada: The Effect of the Use of 'Cliniclowns' on the Psychosocial Health of Hospitalized Pediatric Cancer Patients in Japan (In Japanese)

Yuki Yonekura: Adaptation and Process Evaluation of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) in Japan (In Japanese)


Sakurako Abe: Work environment psychosocial characteristics and mental health among female workers in the outcall-based sex industry: an occupational health and safety perspective (In Japanese)

Tomoko Ohmiya: The process of, and factors leading to, affirmation of postoperative life among patients with a history of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate (In Japanese)

Michiko Kato: Work-to-family conflict among middle aged chemical industry workers in Japan: antecedents and effects on family involvement cover- fatigue, and depression (In Japanese)

Miho Sato: Living with rheumatoid arthritis: benefit-finding, mental health and social relations, self-care and among males and females with RA in Japan and the United States

Yusuke Takeda: The influence of Socio-demographic Characteristics and Sense of Purpose in Life on Diet-Related Quality of Life (In Japanese)

Shuya Hoshino: Perception of the caregiving experience among home caregivers of demented elderly family members: correlative factors, and its relationship with caregiver mental health and the quality of the care relationship, A three-region survey (In Japanese)

Yoshiko Matsumoto : Effectiveness of three different type of group-based exercise programs for inactivity prevention on elderly participants’ subjective QOL, physical and mental functioning, and perception of program participation (In Japanese)

Mieko Mochizuki: The meaning of wheelchair use in the everyday lives of care-requiring elderly living at home (In Japanese)


Michiyo Ito: Difficulties at work and correlates of work motivation and depression in workers with inflammatory bowel disease (In Japanese)

Toshiya Kuchii: Effects of Sense of Coherence (SOC) on life stress process in middle aged people in Japan (In Japanese)

Ryoko Taguchi: Qualitative research on life-line, difficulties and coping of metastasis and recurrent breast cancer patients (In Japanese)

Ayako Zenko: Correlates of Low Back Pain and Symptoms of Neck, Shoulder and Arm, and Mental Health among Nursery School Teachers in Tokyo (In Japanese)

Ayako Miyata: A Nationwide Study on the Relationship between Health, Health Related Behavior and Socioeconomic Status in Japan


Kondo,K.: Living with facial disfigurement: Stigumatizing situations, coping strategies and their influence on psychological well-being

Okochi,A.: Social support networks and health-related behaviors among skid row residents with disabilities utilizing social rehabilitation services in Kotobuki, Japan

Kawai,K.: A three-wave longitudinal analysis of newcomers’mental health, motivation and support network

Mandai,Y.: Suffering Social Support, Happiness and Hope in Invasive Mechanical Ventilator-dependent ALS Patients in Japan

Sakita,M.: The effects of social relationships on depression, anxiety and hope in people with rheumatoid arthritis


Kanie,N.: The spilloner between husband's working life and wife's working life on quality of family life and fatigue in dual-earner couples with preschool children.

Sumikawa,Y.: A comparative study on psychosocial factors of sense of coherence(SOC) between metropolitan and rural residents in japan.

Tanaka, Y: Perceived job stress-related factors, desirability at work and burn out among staff of nursing homes.

Togari,T.: Follow-up study on effects of sense of coherence on two years after well-being in Japanese university undergraduate students.

Mizota,Y.: Psychosocial problems of the families bereaved of HIV infected haemophiliacs.


Shimizu,J.:Experiences and Needs of Living Related Liver Transplantation Donors -Interview &Questionnaire Study on a University Hospital in Japan-

Fujimura,K.:A research on the prevalence and the factors associated with domestic violence against women - In a cross-sectional sample of general adult population in G prefecture -

Ozawa,M.:Relations of Job Characteristics to Job Satisfaction and Quality of care in Half-way Facilities for People with Psychiatric Disability

Tominaga,M.:The impact of work and organizational stressors onthe psycho-physiological status and turnover intentions of workers in an information service industry:A study of Japanese computer technical support staff

Cheng,Z.:An Exploration of Health Promotion Model (revised) and Research on the determinants of exercise behavior in a community population:asurvey of a sample of male adults resident in a ward of Tokyo


Inoue Y.: Sexual Activity, Social Relations and QOL of HIV positive persons in Japan. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Kusunaga T.: Residents' satisfaction with services and their own life in geriatric intermediate care facilities. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Kumagai T.: Long-term Prognosis and life Course Analysis of Patients with West Syndrome in Japan. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)


Nagasaka Y.: Effects of psychosocial intervention for patients with breast cancer on satisfaction with information and social support, and relationship between the satisfaction and psychological conditions (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Kumagai K. Over 20 years' life of caregiving mothers with children diagnosed as West Syndrome. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Asano Y.: Nurses' career orientation and related factors - A study at large general hospitals -. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Ishikawa H.: Analysis of physician-patient interactions in Japanese cancer consultations using Roter Interaction Analysis System (RIAS). (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Umezawa Y.: Citizens' preferences and assertiveness to participate in medical encounters. (Assoc. Prof.Yamazaki, Y.)

Kimura C.: A study on the strategies and the skills to develop relations with personal assistants employed by people with physical disability who live in the community. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)


Koide S.: The ground for the design of financing in the British National Health Service at the time of its foundation. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Seki Y.: A study on problems of explanations and notifications to medically induced HIV patients in Japan. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Yamaki S.: A research for validity of willingness to pay measured by contingent valuation method. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)


■ Doctral Dessertations


Miho Satoh: The development of Family Routines Inventory Japanese version, and the effects of family routines in childhood on psychological sense of school membership and mental health among Japanese high school students.

Ryoko Ebina: Sence of Coherence and Coping in Young People Directly Affected by the 1991-1995 War in Croatia


Ryoko Taguchi: Eliciting preferences for mammography: Using a discrete choice experiment approach

Kazumi Fujimura: Reproductive health status and its related factors among married couples in Japan


Taisuke Togari: The socioeconomic determinants of sense of coherence in puberty and early adulthood ~from Japanese representative sample survey of 4800 people aged 20 to 40


Kaoru Kawai: Process and Outcome Evaluation of a Web-based Stress Management Program to Promote Psychological Well-Being in a Sample of White-collar Workers in Japan

Yuko Hirano: Difficulty, coping, and life-restructuring of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients dependent on invasive mechanical ventilator in Japan - Study of process and causative factors with the life-line method-


Toshie Watanabe: Well-being of the elderly requiring long-term care at home

Shotaro Koide: The ground for the flat-rate paying and the paying related to capacity to pay for medical service in the Beveridge Report

Yoko Aoyama: A Study of the Isolation Life of a Hansen's Disease Sanatorium and Its Life Psychological Influences on Inpatients


Chikako Yamaki:Recognition of public regards, coping skills and subjective well-being for persons with physical disabilities.

Mika Saeki:Role expectation and role conflicts between physicians and nurses, and the influence on their role performances during the treatment and care decision-making process.


Hirono Ishikawa:Physician-elderly patient-companion communication in geriatric encounters: Influence on patient-centered consultation and patient outcomes

Yukiko Seki:Study on latent conditions contributing to medication errors.

Yoji Inoue:The intention and practice of condom use among Persons with AIDS in Japan


Takayama, T.: Effect of Physician' s Communication Behaviors, Style and Consultation Characteristics on Patient Participation and Effective Communication-A study on breast cancer outpatients' setting. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)

Isono,F.:The Deviations between the Job Status and the Role  Orientations and the related variables in Occupational Health Nurses. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)


Zhang X.: A comparative study of health service utilization among noninstitutional elderly in Tokyo and Shanghai.(Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)


Ito M.: Coping patterns of being epileptic and their influence on subjective well-being. (Assoc. Prof. Yamazaki, Y.)


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